This poem was pretty straight forward and didn’t contain any deeper meaning or secret messages. My aim was to write a fun and funny story through poetry. Although some readers have told me that this poem was really random, didn’t make sense, or seemed like I just made it up as I went, I actually made it this way so that I was able to make Bob sound crazy. Taking the paragraph refrain idea from the poem “The Cremation of Sam Mcgee,” I decided to do a similar thing in my poem. In my poem Bob is a man who was looking for a job, but was never able to get one. Readers wouldn’t know why he can never get a job until they read through what happens to Bob whenever he goes out. The unbelievable and crazy of how Bob met Thor was on purpose to make Bob seem crazy. At the end, readers are told that everything that just happened was not real and that Bob had imagined it. I used the appearance of a therapist or doctor at the end to show that Bob legitimately has a problem and needs help. Readers then discover that Bob hallucinates whenever he doesn’t eat his medicine, and that is why he can never find a job.