This is basically a poem describing a beautiful scene that a rider witnesses while on a journey. He or she acknowledges that it may seem strange to stop in the middle of the woods on a snowy evening by implying that the horse is shaking its harness bells in disapproval. Not only was the scene beautiful, but also the rider was enveloped in complete silence apart from wind and snowflakes. The end of the poem shows that the rider loves what he or she is seeing, but has to keep going because of certain promises he or she has to keep. In my opinion, I believe that Robert Frost is referring to life and how people sometimes don’t realize the beauty of each moment. Sometimes stress, work, people, and other things can distract each one of us in our busy lives, but if we just a moment in silence to enjoy our surroundings, we would notice the wonderful world we live in. Frost also states that the woods are “lovely, dark, and deep,” and could be implying that the woods is the world we live in. Although the world can sometimes be dark, there is still beauty in every moment if we are willing to enjoy it with the right attitude and mindset. Unknown-2