0132387387If you asked any senior in the hallway, “What was the toughest time of the year for you in high school?” Ninety percent of them are bound to confess that the end of junior year was the most stressful time of their high school career because of all the important AP exams that take place. Many juniors and I have had the privilege of going through this painful experience at this point in time and that is why I chose to write about this topic. May the fifth, which is the title of the poem, is coincidently tomorrow. Yup you got it right, tomorrow is my AP psychology exam. I decided to write a poem on my AP psychology exam rather than my other AP exams because I found that this exam was the most stressful one for me. Particularly because I did not start studying throughout the year till last month. From the beginning of the poem till the end, I tried to make the poem show the feelings I had during the year as I picked up my psychology book to try and study. I thought that if I named my poem “May the Fifth”, readers would get a sense of anticipation, that May the fifth was an important date to look out for. Therefore, in every stanza, I described a certain, specific event that happened during that month or week, to give readers a sense of time and how far I was from that important date. For example, by stating that I could hear the words “Trick or Treat,” throughout the night, meant that in the poem, the time had passed from the beginning of the school year to around October, which is the time where Halloween takes place. I used psychology terms in my stanzas to give hints to readers about what I was talking about. Hopefully, those who know about psychology would pick up these hints and come to a conclusion that I was preparing for an exam. In every stanza, I also included the feelings I had towards studying for psychology. In the beginning, I had an attitude where I didn’t care about studying because I was relaxed and not stressed because the year had just started. But as the poem progressed and time passed during the year, I grew more stressed and dreadful of the day I had to take the exam. As exam date grew closer, my stress levels grew higher. In the fourth stanza, I claimed that there was only one month left before the exam, and that was around the time where I began to care about studying. I concluded that if I did not start, I would not be able to cope with the amount of information I would need to memorize for the exam. In the fifth stanza, I included a very truthful question, “Why had I not started earlier?” With only a few weeks left before the big day, I felt really down and stressed that I had so much to do with so little time left. That was when I started to question myself and had feelings of regret that I wasn’t more hard working in the beginning of the year. However, right after that, I had to pick myself up and tell myself that I had to focus and not waste any more time sulking and blaming myself. One thing that really helped me past this point was acknowledging that if I could get through this, I could finally chill, relax, and enjoy my summer. In reality, my exam is tomorrow and therefore I did not go through the experience of taking the actual exam yet, but I wrote the ending of the poem of how I think it would go tomorrow.



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