Reflection: Peer-Editing


1. What feedback was useful? Explain.

I thought that overall, the feedback supplied by my peers was above my expectations. Most of the time, peer-editing would be done through a no-care attitude. However, the people on my table were responsible editors and left comments that helped improve my paper. I thought it was really kind of Simeon to point out my mistakes by actually listing the different areas that had problems and also telling me how to fix it. Similarly, both Elizabeth and Justin also gave me some specific examples of where the problems in my essay existed, but not how to fix them. Most of the comments that were given were about the different problems that I had and proved to be a life-saver. There were many things, such as grammar mistakes, that were pointed out, and without the help of my peers, I wouldn’t have noticed these grade-affecting mistakes. I was really pleased by my feedback because it showed that my peers really cared about my work.

2. What feedback is confusing and/or not useful? Explain.

Although the feedback was excellent, there was a part that didn’t effectively help me. Elizabeth left one comment that said, “However there are areas where you can split a sentence into 2 so that it isn’t as clunky.” It was helpful for her to point out this problem, but it didn’t “effectively” help because I was unaware of where this problem was present. It made aware of this problem, but I think an example would have made it easier to discover this problem and fix it. She also stated that I used redundant words in sentences that sounded pretty okay to me. This made me question whether I used just go with what I had or listen to Elizabeth’s suggestion.

3. What primary changes or adjustments will you make for your final copy? Why? Explain what you’re hoping to accomplish for the final.

I will definitely take the more obvious mistakes I made in my essay, such as Justin’s suggestion that I should show more rather than tell and Simeon’s examples of how to fix my grammatical errors. These are mistakes that I strongly agree with my peer editors that I must change in the final copy of my essay. However, other points such as Justin’s comment that I should change my thesis into something more specific, will have to be thoroughly taken under consideration before I decide if I want to change anything about my thesis. This is because there are some feedbacks from my peers that may be hurting rather than helping my essay. I hope to accomplish an essay that draws the reader in and keeps the reader hooked. What is the point of writing an essay that people wouldn’t even want to read? I also want to be able to produce a high quality essay that wouldn’t make a reader have to read something twice before understanding it. I want my essay to flow smoothly and have no mistakes that would affect the reader’s perception of it.


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