Final: Environmental Essay


Silent, but Deadly

Holocene extinction, soil contamination, and global warming are just a speck among tons of other environmental problems that are harassing the world today. However, many people have yet to step up and fix the problems that are commonly found on a day-to-day basis. Words that aren’t put into practice are just words and if I am not bothered to “walk the talk” then who would? I believe that a problem that is personally attainable at the moment would be to reduce my foodprint. Food waste is another environmental problem that is still affecting the world today; it is an everyday, occurring problem that is slowly chewing away at the world’s resources. The decisions we make in organizing and saving food will bestow upon us the consequences or benefits of our actions on a world-wide scale.

After doing a bit of research, I’ve realized that Hong Kong isn’t so much of the “Pearl of the Orient” as I thought it was. I was disgusted by the outraging statistics I came across in my findings. 3,200 tons of food are sent to a landfill every single day and a third of all solid waste in Hong Kong is simply, food. Globally, a third of the food produced is lost, which is about 1.3 billion tons of food. I don’t know about you, but these figures are simply just too shocking to see. The aim and strive for economic success has short-sighted many people from seeing the bigger picture, that little things, such as not finishing those last few grains of rice on the plate for dinner, is affecting the community as a whole. Waste is still waste, no matter how big or small, because in the end, the effect remains the same, food is wasted.  This shouldn’t be an excuse for the damage and harm that we are inflicting upon our futures, our children’s futures, and even our descendants’ futures a hundred years from now.

Recently, the consequences of food wasting has been brought to my attention through a movement that is my school has been trying to encourage. I was informed of all the steps my school was willing to take in order to help create a healthy educational community. Reducing, reusing, and recycling were given as solutions in order to help guide students in the right direction. Students would pranced towards the bins, food is poured out plate after plate, as if they were too busy to notice, too important to care, or just too guilty to comprehend the amount of produce they are wasting. After witnessing food being thrown into the bins of the cafeteria day after day, I am relieved to see that my school is willing to make a change.

Now I, a student myself, has found myself on a journey that begins at a crossroad where a decision has to be made. A decision either to put my pride aside by reminding other students of the amount of food they are wasting, or to take the easy route and continue my life as a student focusing on my own personal gain and accomplishments. Honestly, I would rather enjoy taking the path where I do not have to worry about anyone but myself. But after all, what is the point of striving towards a life of” success” in the world, when there might not even be much of a world left to strive for. I have decided to take this problem by the scruff of its neck and make it one of my goals to help the world in solving this ever-growing problem.

I believe that it is essential, a responsibility, for a member of this planet to nurture it back to health at its time of need. If 6.9 billion people were able to contribute a miniscule amount in sustaining this problem, I’m sure that eventually the world will be able to take a hold on the reins of this problem and point it towards the right direction.  Before it is too late, we must smack the problem at the back of its head now and prevent any possible further manifestation of its growth in other parts of the world before it is too late.


One thought on “Final: Environmental Essay

  1. You included some really good and interesting information about the problems in the environment. I think that you should include a personal anecdote to strengthen your essay so that your readers will be able to see the impact that the environmental issue has on you. What personal experience did you have that influenced you so much that you decided to write about it? Rather than just talk about how holocene extinction, soil contamination, and global warming affects others, talk about how these factors affect you. I really liked your conclusion and call to action. I agree that everyone should do their bit to nurture the Earth back to health before it is too late. Very insightful essay. Good job!

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