Brainstorm: Comparison Essay



If life had a playback button, one would categorize my life as one far different than Josh’s life. Josh, the protagonist from the movie, Searching for Bobby Fischer, and I, Aaron Ng from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, are not similar in the way we approached life, the way we were treated by the people around us, and the way we displayed maturity during the tender stages of childhood.


Approached life

Josh: didn’t want to “always win”

Let dad win

Didn’t complain about lessons

Me: always have to win

Always complained (violin)


Treated by others around us


Parents supported him


Parents had a path that I had to follow



Let dad beat him

Understand peoples feelings (let Vinnie stay at house)

Says: I think its ok not to win all the time and be the best



Show off to my friends

Think about when the next ultra-man episode was coming out

Ride in the front seat

Brave enough to walk in the dark

Strong enough to walk the dog.


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