Rough Draft: Loved


Quick write

What has occurred in my past that has made me feel incredibly well loved?

I always woke up early as the sunshine seeped into my room reminding me of my responsibilities as a student. As I strolled through a day filled with wonders and unforgettable events, I had never thought much of the factors at play behind this remarkable opportunity. Who or what was this mysterious phenomenon that has enabled me to embark on this journey as a student? Who was this enigma who has allowed me to smile with friends, laugh with classmates, and develop my athletic and academic abilities? This invisible hand at work is unknown to many as he stays hidden, making the lives of many easier to handle the many obstacles that come hurling at them.

Without the need to make a single request, this mysterious figure has met all my needs nonetheless. Why does he do this? What benefits can he gain from this charitable donation in my life? These are questions that can devour hours of deep thought and still not produce an answer. My life is enriched through the forms of friends, teachers, books, and unbelievable experiences, but where is the benefit for him in all this? There had to be one. In this world filled with selfish beasts and ambitious people who only search for self-improvement, how can there not be one? I have heard tales of places and people who have true love rescinding in them. Could that be it? Could all this just be based on an abstract idea that seems so unreal? This was a possibility that seemed too impossible to have survived in such a world as this.

However, if there was a slight chance of this being true, what have I done to deserve this? This thought begun to act as a constant reminder that I must prove that I am worthy of such a blessing. Although he does not require it, it is sometimes good for me to say three simple words, “Thank you dad.”


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