Final: Loved



The morning birds chirped as sunlight seeped through the curtains into every corner of my room. The sound of the ringing alarm clock reminded me of my responsibilities as a student. As I strolled through a day filled with wonders and unforgettable events, I never gave much thought to the factors at play behind this remarkable opportunity. Who or what is this mysterious life form that has enabled me to embark on this journey as a student? Who or what is this enigma that has allowed me to smile with my friends, laugh with my classmates, and develop my athletic and academic abilities? This invisible hand at work stays unknown and hidden to many, and like a vigilante, secretly rescuing the lives of many from the endless obstacles that are hurled at them.

Without making a single request, this mysterious figure has met and satisfied all of my needs. Why does he do this? This is a question that has consumed hours of deep thought, without ever being able to produce an answer. My life has been enriched through the forms of friends, teachers, books, and unbelievable experiences, but how does he benefit from all of this? There has to be a reason. In this world filled with selfish manifestations and ambitious individuals who only search for self-improvement, how can there not be one?

I have heard tales of places and people who have been seen demonstrating true love. Could that be it? Could all this just be based on an abstract idea that seems too unreal to be true? This can’t be it. This is an idea that is impossible to have survived in a cruel world such as this. In this world, for every two minutes that passes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted, and of all the rapists responsible for these crimes, only 3% are put in jail. Meaning that, by the time you are done reading this essay, someone has been put through this unimaginably painful experience. This world has been a nest to evil, nurturing its despicable eggs that await their time to erupt and throw the world into eternal chaos.

However, even if there was a slightest chance of this being true, what have I ever done to deserve this? I do not remember doing anything worthy of Godly praise or a celebration in Heaven. Maybe I should start trying to repay this act of undeserved kindness towards my life. Maybe I should start appreciating what I have rather than coveting the greener grass on the other side. Maybe if I work hard enough at school, train hard enough at soccer, and practice long enough on my saxophone, I can satisfy this being. I want to make this charitable being feel that developing me was worth it and that I am worthy of its affection.

Is this what life is all about, to prove my existence? No. I take it all back. I’m proud to say that I’ve been in contact with this specimen multiple times in my life. As I have said before, it did not want anything in return, but “just a smile here and a chuckle there would do.” But although he has never requested anything of me, it is sometimes good for me to say three simple words back, “Thank you dad.”


One thought on “Final: Loved

  1. I loved the way how you approached the essay with tremendous emotion and passion. The way you organized your essay put me onto a hook and made me want to continue and read on in this piece. Your points were very solid and the style of writing was really intriguing. You did a brilliant job putting an expository essay into a first person perspective and I could feel you thinking out these thoughts as I went on with the essay. One area you could improve on was making your essay less flowery, as some of your points were not very specific. Better vocabulary could be incorporated into your essay, but overall this essay was fantastic! Keep up the good work!

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