Final: A Profound Thought



What is stress? According to Wikipedia, “Stress is a body’s way to react to a challenge.” To me, it’s just the perfect word that summarizes the ongoing problem I’ve been facing this past summer. The problem of which AP’s and courses to take in junior year is seemingly unending, and has squeezed the fun out of my summer. There were many factors that had to be taken under consideration, such as “Will my course rigor stand out to universities I want to apply to? Should I take the same courses as my friends? Should I just take the courses I want to take? Should I make my junior year chill or stressful?” These are just glimpses of the cluster of questions I had that influenced my selection of courses for this year. As I reflect on it now, this is a problem that emerges from the very pressure society imposes on students. Haunting students all over the world from the day they enter high school. The choice between planning an enjoyable or stressful year can sometimes seem to some as an obvious and simple choice, but being raised by strict, Asian parents, my judgment seems to be clouded. My parents appear to be living in a fantasy world where getting good grades and getting accepted into top universities are the main goals in life. Therefore, if I were to make junior year as “perfect” and college-appealing as possible, I would have to take as many AP’s and hard courses as possible. However, if it came down to me, all I would want to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy my high school career with my peers. Everyone only has one chance and one life gifted to them, so we should cherish the memories we have as young teenagers rather than burying our faces under piles of books. However, don’t get me wrong, no one should ever throw their lives away by quitting school and living the “party” life. We just have to find the perfect balance between education and enjoying the positive elements that life has to offer.


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