Restaurant Review: Han Guk Gung


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In a rural-looking and ghetto area of Tsim Sha Tsui, lays a restaurant that doesn’t seem to fit its surroundings. A glass door was located behind a pair of metal gates that was part of a castle-like design. The exterior was made up of grey bricks, with a wooden door and a Korean lantern on either side of the glass entrance. The interior décor had wooden planks for walls and black wooden chairs that were seated under white tables with a barbecue plate in the middle of each. As my family and I stepped into this fictional environment, we were immediately greeted by a friendly Korean waitress who took us to our table. Without delay, we were each given a menu and a glass of water. The user-friendly menu not only had helpful English translations, but Japanese and Chinese ones as well. As we were looking through the menu, we were served with many Korean delicacies on small plates. It included salted anchovies, Kim chi, potato slices, broccoli, bean sprouts, sweetened slices of lotus, and black beans. After a long debate, my family decided to go with the family dinner set, which included a variety of dishes. Honestly, the food prices at the restaurant were typical for any Korean restaurant. However, as a student with not much income, I thought it was a bit more on the expensive side. To my surprise, the food started to arrive just five minutes after we ordered. We began our feast with Marinated Chicken and Marinated Pork. The barbeque plate made a mouth-salivating sizzle as we eagerly laid as many slices of pork and chicken that the plate could bear. Next, we had a similar dish in the form of Bulgogi, also known as marinated beef. Much to my satisfaction, all three dishes of meat were of the highest quality; they were tender, lean, and marinated to the point of perfection. As I bit into each type of meat, juice would leak into my mouth and sooth my tongues addiction. The meat-heavy meal continued with the arrival of Jap Chae or Korean glass noodles. I was disappointed to discover that this dish was served in a small portion. However, these disappointments soon disappeared and I was thrown into a magical state as I attempted to wolf down the remaining noodles with the best of my ability. We finished off with a Chicken Stew that wasn’t too impressing. However, the pieces of chicken that came along with it really made up for the unimpressive soup. The chicken slices induced in me a strange feeling of satisfaction as my teeth sunk into each soft and chewy piece of meat. At the end of the meal, we were paid a surprising, but sweet visit by the owner of the restaurant. Kindness and care sparkled in her eyes as she conversed with us about the food. The great food, great hospitality, and clean environment would definitely persuade me to pay another visit to this extraordinary place.

Additional Information

  • Location: G/F, Wang Fu Building, 5-7 Chatham Court, Chatham Road , Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 am-12:00am
  • Phone number: 2723 7887 (Phone reservation permitted)
  • Payment methods: Visa, Master, AE,Cash
  • Food price: $100-$150 (10% service charge)


One thought on “Restaurant Review: Han Guk Gung

  1. Dan

    one day im gonna definitely check out Han Guk Gung which doesn’t fit its surroundings in the rural and ghetto area of Tsim Sha Tsui. Ill make sure i go between 11 to 12 am and pay with visa, master, AE or cash

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